The Music Festival Experience Returns to NY next week

At times we all need to be reminded of what is truly great in the world. And for music lovers.. For myself, that is The Outlaw Roadshow. The concept behind the Outlaw came to Adam and I over a series of enthusiastic phone conversations and emails. Almost a decade ago now.. just two like-minded friends talking about putting together the shows we wanted to see ourselves. We started a community that is today proving to have a lasting legacy. This "little train that could" (a small fry in the global world of the Music Industry) does well everywhere it goes, no where is that more true than in New York City. 

Manhattan is our home. For my partner in crime, Adam Duritz, the city is where he resides and where we get together to celebrate music and life. But for The Outlaw and our community of returning musicians, friends and family - each October is a place to be together, to breathe again and to laugh at the void.

For years now, we have gathered early and worked late together to celebrate the best new music the world has ever seen. Along the way, we are constantly reminded why music is life for us. And every single year, our group grows. New friends, new artists, new stragglers (folks looking for a place to be in this world where great bands die for the actual lack of attention) they join our fold. Every single October in New York City we meet and there are discoveries all around us. The team responsible for The Outlaw Roadshow love to guess which acts will end up being the biggest winners - the acts that win a throng of new supporters and fans. It's almost never who we think. But really, everyone wins kind of big.

The Artists who play our stages get more out of this experience as the fans. They meet artist-brothers and -sisters who will tour with them, put them up on couches and attend their shows in distant cities while on tour. They meet producers who can help. Some get signed to (actually beneficial) indie record deals and licensing opportunities that will help sustain them financially. Everyone leaves with a full heart.

poster art (as always by Man on Fire Design) final unveiling w/ artists in days!

At times we all need to be reminded of what is truly great in the world. It has taken me a long time to write this introduction to The Outlaw Roadshow New York 2016 because (at first) it felt so much like some kind of self-adoration (and to be honest, I never feel I do enough to actually win any praise when I can see how much greatness out there.) The Outlaw is needed. And today with what appears to be an apparent collapse of the CMJ Music Festival the need for great - and free - live music entertainments has never been so real. 

If you want to see what the excitement is all about (and you most certainly should) come and try us out next week - The Outlaw Roadshow is a spectacle without equal. Every bit of passion that comes from Counting Crows on stage is there for you in terms of great artistry from the best new music in the country. The shows in New York are absolutely free to attend. All sets, whether they come early or late. On Thursday, Friday or Saturday (Oct 20-22) are remarkable lineups full of miracles.

We also only work with the best people. Truly great humans who will sit and talk with you if you give them half the chance. I want to thank PledgeMusic for powering our event this year. If it were not for their understanding of the event and their vision as an organization, music would be in a much worse place today. That I can assure you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping us!

There will be many surprises in store for those who attend The Outlaw Roadshow next week at The Bowery Electric. Giveaways and secret pop-up sets (not saying anything else about either of these - but you should really follow on social media), and tons of free smiles. The best thing for me is if you leave with a smile and a list of favorite new bands. It used to happen with mixtapes made by a classmate when we were kids. It also used to happen on great radio programs. As a friend and a radio host myself, I would like to think that The Outlaw Roadshow New York is all of those things - and more.

Over the next few short days, I will spotlight as many of the artists as I can get done at (that's my website) but everything you need to attend the show and to get a feel for what is to come this rollercoaster week in New York can be found at The Outlaw Roadshow webpage ( which is the repository of everything we've done in New York for videos, posters, etc. You can also RSVP to attend. This will be important as you must arrive early to ensure access. Those who RSVP will have advantage at the door over walk-ups.

We have taken this adventure to parts around the US and even to Tel Aviv, Israel last year. And then Adam and Counting Crows take our artists on the tour wherever they go. It really has become a family where, perhaps there would be none. Music lives on in New York this October. This is our home. And I hope you can join us. It costs nothing to attend. You'll be glad you did.


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