Meet The Outlaws - Brandy Zdan

INTRODUCTIONS ARE IN ORDER - While folks marvel at our remarkable discoveries on The Outlaw Roadshow, we're still finding out about the best names in music through recommendations from friends. That's the case with our artist spotlight Brandy Zdan, who came to us in K Phillip's band last year in New York City. Brandy played me songs from her 2015 album (it ended up becoming one of the best breakouts of the year - in case you missed it) and immediately stole a place in our hearts. But it was the solo video session that really knocked us over. So much so that we immediately asked to have her join us back this week in New York where she'll play with a band all her own.

If you don't know Brandy Zdan, you are in for one hell of a surprise. Get a load of this video and pick up that album. And if you can get into Manhattan this week, you belong with us. 28 Amazing Acts and Free.

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OCT 20, OCT 21, OCT 22 
FREE, 21+


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