Blondfire - Domino (iPhone 6S video)

Gifted songstress Erica Driscoll can add another line to her entertainment resume with the release of "Domino" a new song from Blondfire (Los Angeles). She shot and editing the entire project on her iPhone 6S in a collage style. Talented lady and a remarkable new summer sound!

The song is beautiful in it's summer etherea but for me it's the haunting, challenging lyrics penned by Driscoll that stand out. I really dig this song and it will end up in my radio broadcast rotation!

Get to know the band: Having long celebrated the band's most diverse sounds, this is a really fantastic addition to my list of favorites.. 

Dance-worthy:"Dear in Your Headlights;" 
Driscoll's magical vocals: "Waves
The band's incredible rock anthem: "Where The Kids Are."

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