The amazing Lauren Marsh will play The Outlaw Roadshow!

We invited Lauren Marsh to play this year's Outlaw Roadshow no more than 15 minutes after hearing her music. I was profoundly happy to find her. It's that moment when you didn't know what you were looking for until you've stumbled across it. This is an artist poised to make big waves in the coming months. Several of the songs you will see performed at The Bowery Electric in her set (Thursday night 10/15) will be from Marsh's new EP Veracity, due out January 22, 2016. And they are really, really good.

This new record is something different and will serve as a dividing line between her old life and the next. A stirring collection of atmospheric indie-pop tunes, relying on synth and FX as they do ukulele and keyboard, Veracity is a testimony to leaving the past behind and choosing to live fully without holding back. 

Lauren Marsh’s music is her driving force. Ever since she greeted family and friends with full renditions of Jewel’s “Pieces of You”, on her karaoke machine at age four, music has been her solace and her means of communication; the raw clarity in the blur that is life. Around the same time, Marsh began making up her own melodies in her head; not realizing this was something that made her different. By age 14, Marsh was writing full songs, combining her melodies with poems she’d been inscribing in notebooks for years. 

Soon enough Marsh found her voice and was travelling anywhere and everywhere to perform live, even if it meant rolling her duct taped keyboard in a shopping cart to get there. Marsh’s early loves were the unusual bedfellows of jazz and heavy rock, yielding her initial compositions as the sprawling creations of Pink Floyd fronted by Ella Fitzgerald. It was Ella that then sparked the discovery of Marsh’s own artistic vision. By taking standards like “How High the Moon” and making something new and astonishing from them, Ella’s work embodied true innovative imagination; giving more than just life to a song.

"When I was first introduced to the incredibly talented Lauren Marsh, it was love at first listen."Infectious Magazine  

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