Larger Than Life. Why K Phillips is America's Greatest.. He returns to The Outlaw Roadshow New York!

Look, I'm an evil genius and I can barely be blamed for the stuff  I've made come true - let alone for the business that unfolds under my watchful eye. Adam and I are grateful for the attention but we're even more impacted by the people we draw close on their own accord. Texas native K Phillips has been one of America's best kept secrets for the last half decade.. This summer the storyteller moved to Nashville - to a place in which people understand excellence. There, his ramshackle, country vibe comes off exactly as intended.. Cautiously perfect. Righteously cool..

K Phillips is one of my top five live acts in America and we're delighted (of course) to have him back with us in New York this week. Not hip to the jive? No worries, most of us aren't judgmental - but the fact remains, this diminutive character is one of the very best making music. 

K Phillips moved to Nashville this summer. He travels north to New York this week and plays the grand finale of our set on Friday 10/16. Tell your friends, tell your neighbors (warn you sisters and your daughters) this is rock & roll.


Hailing from Austin, TX and bringing with them the howling ghosts of music's past, K PHILLIPS could be the most underrated live band in America today. A stage veteran throughout the south, K Phillips is appearing in his fifth Outlaw Roadshow - and our first here in Nashville. We really want to knock over audiences and this is a stellar way to do it. Prepared to be touched by this guy's music and his ramshackle Rimbaud-inspired poetry. Expect quiet moments and huge, soaring jams - all inspired by stories of lost love and nights out looking for trouble. Whiskey-in-hand, I will be right there with you, in the front row of one of America's best live sets. The Outlaw Roadshow welcomes K back with open arms!

K Phillips 
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