CASK MOUSE bringing all the love to The Outlaw Roadshow!

When the world was looking the other way, New England's Cask Mouse became the best thing going. This fiery act will always be known by Adam & I as the little band that blew away Austin in 2013. That day the band triumphed like never before - proving they were capable of some amazing heights. (The Mouse captivated an audience of hundreds on the road under the awesome heat of a Texas sun. They earned a minutes long standing ovation and free drinks from the appreciative crowd!) And the band hasn't slowed down ever since. Think of this as a long-overdue homecoming for Cask Mouse!

Your next favorite new band? There's a very good chance that if you see Cask Mouse at The Outlaw it will be on of your favorite sets of the weekend. Come to The Bowery Electric Thursday 10/15 and find out for yourself! 

Cask Mouse is in their own words, 'a true contradiction'. It's  a quality reflected in the range of the songs that occupy their set and perhaps due to the various creative minds that have somehow come together to form this wonderful sonic amalgam.  

Says the band: "Cask Mouse are people who love music, people who love people and people who love a good time. We are humbled and thankful to have an audience to such a personal journey. Weather its a living room, a backyard, pub or theater we find ourselves still amazed by warmth and positivity that derives from our music. We are you. For that we thank you for listening, for being adventurous, and for being you!"  

Cask Mouse are: Kevin Boldwin, Mitch Belch, Bonnie Parks, Jonny Howes and Joe Wyatt.

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