Boston's OldJack are returning to The Outlaw Roadshow!

Perhaps the best live set at this year's Outlaw Roadshow in Nashville came from this chestnut of a band. We've come to know them and love as no other and that's because they are worth it! The Outlaw Roadshow is so very privileged to bring you the stellar rock & soul of Boston's OldJack! The band play a very late set on Saturday 10/17 in what could be the best set in town. The room will be pleased. 

The band has recently returned from taking time to work on new tracks and perfect their live show with the addition of multiple new members. Be on the lookout for OldJack in concert at a show near you, and a second full-length album for release in 2016.

OldJack is Dan Nicklin (Lead Vocals), Hugh Wyman (Guitar), Jim Collins (Bass Guitar), Derek Feeney (Guitar), Paul Gallo (Drums), Kelly Davis (Vocals), Nate Leavitt (Acoustic Guitar), and Evan Harriman (Keys). A bigger sound for an act already known for it's huge performances. 

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