The Outlaw Roadshow Nashville welcomes Cory Branan to our lineup


We keep a lot of secrets right until the last minute with The Outlaw Roadshow. It makes for a lot of suspense and real magic for our music fans, but this is really no secret.. It's quite possible that CORY BRANAN is one of the most talented, crowd-challenging music geniuses to ever take one of our stages. There are fewer modern examples of an artist with a foot in so many worlds and the clear ability for their creator to make it all happen live. This is a set not to be missed.

No one said it better than Noisey writer Ron Knox;
"For people who have followed his career, Branan is maddening. He radiates talent. He’s a powerful songwriter, a world-class guitar player, a singer with enough melody and grit to please the ear and stick to bones. He crafts complex songs, toying with structures and characters in ways most songwriters never consider, let alone have the guts to commit to record. His choices often come at the expense of pop sensibility that would actually, you know, sell those records.. Over his sometimes inglorious career, he’s built a network of admirers, mainly in the punk world, who are drawn to his songs primarily because they are uncompromising and rewarding through patience. The genius is there—it’s always been there—but only now has Branan found an industry niche willing to accept his music and not try to shoehorn him into some false archetype in which he’s always refused to fit."  [full story]
And there we have it. Cory Branan is too good to be true and he is, as of today, an Outlaw. 

"With one foot planted in the blue-collar alt-country of Steve Earle and the other in the ragged folk-punk of Chuck Ragan's Revival Tour, Branan stretches his songs to their near-breaking points."  - Rolling Stone magazine

MEET THE MAN - Throughout his career, Branan has been too punk for country, too country for punk, too Memphis for Nashville, and probably a little too Cory Branan for anyone’s damn good. He has proven himself as a top-notch songwriter (Chuck Ragan recently called him “the greatest songwriter of our generation”), fierce lyricist (in Lucero’s “Tears Don’t Matter Much” they sing that Cory has, “a way with words that’ll bring you to your knees”), and a hyperdynamic performer with the ability to fingerpick finer than ‘60s Greenwich Village folkies and brutally strum like a proto punk shredder.

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The Outlaw Roadshow is absolutely free to the public (ticket giveaways begin soon!) July 17 & 18 at the Mercy Lounge and High Watt in downtown Nashville. New artists announced each day!


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