Dogs - new from FEINTS

Rock 'n Roll is all about great sound, but it's even more about having fun. With that in mind, I share with you a new music video from the band in the room having the most fun with their project. FEINTS are a Boston music outlet that perform howling throwback rock and with each new project, each turning of the screw they are indeed having a whole lot of fun with their music.  

Yes, that's right - a bunch of rockers singing and acting like man's best friend and having the time of their lives. The dog-lovin' FEINTS are Amy Douglas (Vox, Keys), Dave Baron (All Guitars) Rob Phillips (Bass) Tim Marten (Drums).

A Word or Two From The Band - "Dogs" honors and champions all things canine, but ultimately speaks to the need in all living things, no less us humans, to be loved, sheltered and cared for. Dogs is fully intended to be the greatest anthemic love song written, for dogs. The video, directed by FEINTS's own bass wielding-co-producing powerhouse Rob Phillips, with extra assistance from Boston Photo-god Derek Kouyoumjian is a fun ride with adorable pooches and of course, the animal that is...FEINTS.

Feints photo by Jennifer Clough - TTs rest in peace


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