Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Latest from Ryan Hamilton

INDIE SONGWRITER - RYAN HAMILTON, vocalist, guitar player and keyboardist for the bands People On Vacation and Smile Smile, has announced a new album out in just a few days with this lead single, "Karaoke With No Crowd" celebrated today with this fun new lric video.

When last we spoke with Hamilton it was when he played The Outlaw Roadshow Austin - a time that found him at the beginning of this album's process, prior to a pair of tours across the Atlantic to the UK where he's been winning a solid following. He spoke about going out on his own and writing new material. "It's something that has always been in the back of my mind, but I wanted to wait until the time was right. Now that it's here and it's happening, I decided to do something different. Something real. We tracked everything old school and live. No auto tune, or copying and pasting. Real sounds and live performances. I can't wait for people to hear these new songs!"

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

This Blue Heaven announce a Farewell Show and New Music

Over the weekend, Boston's  THIS BLUE HEAVEN announced the have a new album to release and that release show (April 30) may be the four-piece's last gig together. This Blue Heaven is MacKenzie Outlund - vocals, Stu Dietz - guitar & vocals, Aaron Rosenthal - keys and Travis Richter - drums.

 The new song is Into The Hurricane - check it out below..

FROM THE BAND - We are delighted to be playing this farewell show at one of our favorite local venues, the Lizard Lounge (, alongside our dear friends Magen Tracy & the Missed Connections ( and Parks ( This Blue Heaven invites you to share one final evening with us in celebration of life, love, music, and the friends and fans we've made over the years, to whom we are so very grateful. We'll play old songs and new and release our third and last ep. More information on that to follow.

click the poster for ticket information for this show!
Poster by Daykamp Creative

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Thursday, April 02, 2015

Hallelujah The Hills - Dead People's Music (Outlaw Sessions)

In 2014, a year in which I liked a lot of music, but wasn't falling all over myself about "greatness" - this band simply killed it. And it was an absolute no-brainer to invite Hallelujah The Hills to play The OutlawHere's a special backstage One on One Session recorded in Manhattan. Get to know this band! [editor's note: Austin videos are coming up!]

MORE GREAT VIDEO TO COME: All footage shot for this year's Outlaw Roadshow in New York are the work of Ehud Lazin of SBGIt has been a joy to work with someone as passionate about new music and historic performances as we are. We want you to share Ehud's videos to the world! (Editor's Tip: The SBG YouTube channel is AWESOME.)


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