The North Country - Never There (Pt I)


Washington, DC - I've got a soft spot in my heart for any artist that finds creative ways to honor popular music's rich history. We have that in spades today. Storytellers THE NORTH COUNTRY have a new richly nuanced sound that looks back across its shoulder at both recent and far-flung pasts.

Today we debut the band's new track "Never There Part I" from There Is Nothing To Fear (Apr 20 release). The name of the band is an homage to Bob Dylan's  "Girl From The North Country" from The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan (1963.)

Like Dylan's stolid song of love and loss, there is a quiet progression on this track - it plods lightly moving towards the light and we are witness to it all. The North Country have drafted a new, precise spell-of-a-song; one that's  full of wonder and restraint. It just goes to show that while there's but a few undiscovered islands of creativity out there, there's still hope all around. Follow the link below to peruse their back catalog. Waiting anxiously for the new one!

Definitely One To Watch - The North Country are Jonathan Parker, Ilia Kobrinsky, Andrew Grossman, Michael Hernandez, Shaun Dubick, and Leah Gage.

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