New Music from FORT FRANCES

YOU NEED TO HEAR THIS - Having long ago decided that Chicago's Fort Frances was one of my favorite acts in America, the news that the band will be releasing new material in May has me more than a bit excited.. David McMillin, Jeffrey Piper and Aaron Kiser are amongst the most passionate musicians I have known in my many days listening to and celebrating music. The trio fell right in-step with our family of bands and gifted artists with The Outlaw Roadshow and I assure you that you will see them on our stages sooner - rather than later. Songcraft is a clear strength, but for me the reason why Fort Frances are so great is the heights they achieve - together. Whether songs about ecstasy or living through a deep funk, the precision - the harmonies.. my lord!

"Anonymous" - the lead song from No One Needs to Know Our Name (May 12). Truly great stuff.

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