The Rosebuds - Blue Eyes

One of the very first times I fell for a new band while writing for this website (and not just as a indie rock junkie) was The Rosebuds. It was late in 2006 and I remember being excited I had found this "new sound" before the rest of the world. Well, I was right in that they are extraordinary, but by the time they had met my ears, Ivan Howard and Kelly Crisp had already been playing music together for five years. That was nearly eight years ago.

After spending the better part of two years apart, working on their own projects, Ivan and Kelly have reunited to record a new album. That unison of sound and energy has never been made more clear. Let's stir up some appreciation for this one... "Blue Eyes" is the first single off of Sand + Silence. The video was directed by Tighe Boudreaux Kellner. For those who already appreciate the band, the fresh element in the sound could come from the Justin Vernon-influence. Ivan and Kelly spent a week with Vernon, who the world at large knows as Bon Iver, at his Wisconsin studio April Base. This is your first dip. Catch them at Austin City Limits on October 4 and 11.

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