Boston Bands Play for Music's Future

This is a story about music. At its center is the premise of how we can make kids better people through music. And, consequently, how music can make communities better places. It's a story about children and string ensembles - and the man who wants to bring them together. It's also somehow a story of independent rock bands in New England and their desire to be a part of something. And it's the story of two Boston guys who love the idea of putting this all together, having a great night of music and doing some good..

On Thursday January 23rd a special music night will take place at TT the Bears in Cambridge. A Musical Benefit for REVOLUTION OF HOPE will seen three magical local bands on the rise play to help fund music programs for area kids.

At the foundation of Revolution of Hope is David France. France has incredible passion for both music and helping kids achieve their goals. The Revolution of Hope program has come to mean much more than just music to so many involved. That's because it works. Inspired by the philosophy of the Venezuelan musical youth development program, El Sistema (Wikipedia link) tthe goals and outcomes of Revolution of Hope are social as well as musical. That was a big piece of El Sistema as well. The system and France's program  offer a pro-social, non-aggressive and civic-minded environment which (among other things) fosters music creativity. The kids that leave this program are creatively-focused, better adjusted and on a good path. One could argue the program helps prepare the youth for their next step in life - regardless of whether it's in music.

The program is here in Boston's midst now - they're located in Roxbury. Revolutions of Hope have already done a lot of good. The program needs assistance to keep accepting new children and offering opportunities to be in this creative environment. 

The Music Benefit on Thurs, Jan 23rd costs just $12 - and the three bands playing (see below) are each worth the price of admission. Please consider making a small tax-deductible donation to Revolution of Hope even if you cannot attend the show. This is passionate work and should be supported.

BostonTweet and Ryan's Smashing Life present..

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ATTEND: $12 / ages 18+  / 8:30pm

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