Ryan VanDordrecht - Great American Life

“I constantly find myself aiming for a sound that walks a fine line 
between polish and unrefined beauty.”  Ryan VanDordrecht

Kaitlin Emmering photo

ONE TO WATCH - Today we are honored to debut "Great American Life," from Portland's Ryan VanDorecht. Cutting his musical teeth in previous bands Castella and Sidestar, VanDorecht grows up and out on his new solo debut: Beast of Love. VanDordrecht is a contemporary songsmith on the rise. Produced by Rian Lewis (Crosstide, Ravishers) Beast of Love is an effort in which it's pretty clear everyone is working together. Both Lewis and VanDordrecht are multi-instrumentalists and play on the record.


On today's debut, VanDordrecht quick turn of phrase is the star at center stage. It's a story the 99% can readily understand

"Ain't Got A Story Left to Tell ... / In This Great American Life / work my fingers to the bone.. / just to get by / in this Great American Life." 

The lyrics may lament the capitalist machine's headlock on the American Dream. Far from sardonic or skeptical, this song has a sweet side.. Bouncing above the fray, there's sunny sunny-day harmonica, guitar and drums. The meaning and it's veil are intertwined on Great American Life. This is pop song with a bite - from a songwriter we are going to be watching very closely. I have a good feeling.

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