NEW OUTLAW ROADSHOW VIDEO Tallahassee - Minor Blues IV


There is little doubt. One of the big, big winners out of this year's Outlaw Roadshow was Tallahassee. Their brand of endearing, self-effacing Americana-tinged indie rock was a big hit in Austin and again in New York. And we have already released videos of the band playing solo (link: "I Try") and with their friends in Golden Bloom, Daniel and the Lion and PHOX (link: "Searching for Sunlight") We now unveil a video too good not to share. Minor Blues IV is one of those favorite tracks that never goes away. It rises slowly and crests like a wave and along the way, four individuals get crazy synced up. Key musical moments and great friends.. And that's what The Outlaw Roadshow is really about! Enjoy!

ABOUT THE SERIES - All recorded material in this series features top artists (acts that played The Outlaw Roadshow this year, our friends and unique combinations of artists that you will find nowhere else) recorded between the dates of 10/17/13 and 10/20/13.

Much, much more to come!

Video shot and edited by Ehud Lazin of SBG (YouTube).
Without Ehud, none of this would be possible. Thank you!

Nicolas Doak photo

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