KASHKA - Bloodlines

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KASHKA will drop her second album, Bound on Jan 14th. We are delighted to share with you today the song, "Bloodlines" for the first time anywhere. The track's ethereal mechanical feel are an excellent foil to singer Kat Burns' soft, nostalgic presence. "As a child I thought I knew everything / but I knew nothing then and I'm still learning.." The Canadian singer/songwriter wrote the song while in Poland, learning about native instruments from Orkiestra Sw Mikolaj. During her travels there she learned much about her family lineage and the words for "Bloodlines" were born. The song concerns itself with the struggle of immigrants in her family's past, as they sought out a better life for their children.

The string elements and electronic effects are ghostly. Burns here has crafted a song that is both mesmerizing and intensely personal. Somehow this one also still manages to feel big, communal and eternal.. Bloodlines is gorgeous!

BACKSTORY - It all started in Parkdale, a west-end neighborhood of Toronto. Kat Burns had recently dissolved her former band (Forest City Lovers) and was determined to rise out of the ashes. Without a clear direction to take, she spent some time exploring new sounds and songwriting styles, which led to a collaboration with longtime friend and producer James Bunton (Light Fires, Ohbijou, Evening Hymns). She found her new direction, and KASHKA was born.

RELEASE DATE: 01/14/14

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Anonymous said…
thanks for sharing kashka, but correction: lyrics are "as a child I thought I knew everything, but I knew nothing then and I'm still learning"

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