The Spring Standards are added to The Outlaw Roadshow!!!

Confirmed to Play - Oct 17th

CATCHY-AS-HELL FEEL-GOOD MUSIC - The Story for Brooklyn's THE SPRING STANDARDS actually opens up in the Delware Valley, where they got their start. Comprised of a lass (Heather Robb) and two Jameses: James Cleare & James Smith, the Standards craft superior folk pop and indie rock that makes people feel good. Brought up on the music of their elders, they drew much of their inspiration from those times, learning the power of song from artists you all know, The Beatles, James Taylor, Crosby, Stills and the other one. The Spring Standards sing of Life’s great joys, found, lost, found again and lost once more. The things we wanted and what we found instead.. Coming to us from a friend's recommendation makes this already one of the great success stories out of this Roadshow. (The best music comes from your friends.)

FANS - RSVP to the Outlaw Roadshow today, it's free. You will find no better collection of music in one place, and at this price. That's our guarantee to you! MEDIA - For Interview opportunities with The Spring Standards at The Outlaw Roadshow, please write "outlaws (@)"

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