oldboy has been added to The Outlaw Roadshow

Confirmed to Play - Oct 18th

BLUE COLLAR & CLEVELAND - Cleveland's oldboy have found a winning recipe. Started by Shawn Brewster (vocals), the band's growing numbers have swollen to four in this latest incarnation. Backing Shawn in vocals and playing his "2 string bass guitar" is Michael Kinsella. On guitar is Pete Simon, a longtime friend of Shawn and what one would call a "gear head". Pete's vintage collection of guitars and amps could have its own museum exhibit. Rounding out the band on drums is Greg Hyland. A seasoned drummer in the Cleveland music scene, Greg has also known Shawn for years. Oldboy just released their debut full length album Covered in Sound. This is the band's very first Outlaw Roadshow and we're glad to have them. Guys, we are so excited to see you shine!

FANS - RSVP to the Outlaw Roadshow today, it's free. You will find no better collection of music in one price at a better price. That's our guarantee to you! MEDIA - For Interview opportunities with oldboy at The Outlaw Roadshow, please write "outlaws (@) theoutlawroadshow.com"

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