Tod Doyle and the Troubled

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So, here's the deal. I can't begin to listen to, digest or publish everything we receive. About once or twice a month in 2013, I'll open new mail - and so long as the stuff is potentially of interest to our music-crazed audiences, we'll publish it. It gives everyone - no matter who you are, what kind of music you make, no matter your budget, a chance to reach our audience.

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This is TOD DOYLE, front-man for folk collective Tod Doyle and the Troubled. He writes songs and tells stories of the absurdities of life. Together with his posse of "the Troubled" he brings a passion for real music to each live performance, drawing the listener into his world, inviting the audience inside his troubled mind.

The band first formed in Budapest in 2012, and in the same year released their debut album "These days". They have since been hard at work touring and promoting the album across the water in Ireland and the UK, and were delighted to be finalists for the 2012 Music Review Unsigned Artist Awards in the category of newcomer of the year. This is new stuff to us, but what I think you'll find (as I have) that this one of the exceptional new sounds to meet my ears in 2013. Pretty sensational stuff!

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At just over $5 US, it would be dumb not to buy this album.


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