Our Favorites Music Videos from July 2013

Somewhere down the line nearly everybody finds Yo La Tengo. Here's just an example why. The "Ohm" music video was written and directed by Donick Cary. Animation by Sugarshack Animation. "Ohm" appears on the album, Fade.

Titus Andronicus have made a real solid effort to give back to fans in a number of ways. Their Local Business record is dedicated to small town America and the music video "Still Life With Hot Deuce And Silver Platter," from XL Recordings, appears bound and determined to prove to fans that the band may be successful but they still have their fiery live stage presence.


Filmmaker Harvey Robinson shot this entire live music video of Langhorne Slim at the Fillmore in Charlotte on his Canon 5d Mark III. It's pretty sensational, just like Langhorne - who we just saw perform for thousands off the main stage at Newport Folk over the weekend. Good stuff!

It's hard not to love "George Clooney" the new one from This Frontier Needs Heroes. Directed by Shane McCauley, this one plays out a little like Ferris Bueller's Day off with the protagonist (actor Grant Rosen) running into Angelina Jolie (potrayed Chanel Urban) in a mini mall. It's a sublime statement on meeting up and getting together. The music is melancholy and perfect!

Sticking with the beautiful and the sublime, we turn to Julian Lynch's instrumental "North Line" which demonstrates his affection for animals. Watch as Lynch provides the musical backdrop for many doggie rides into town.

JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound are a gift. Perhaps one of the best live acts in America today - fusing soul, rock, motown, and punk inspirations into something completely new. It's hard not to appreciate their songs about love, heartache and about not fitting in since they're really writing about all of us. The new album, Howl, is in stores now. This is a band you might just come to love from one listen but one show will seal the deal forever. Rouse Yourself was directed by Billy Bungeroth.

Editor's frontman Tom Smith has an iconic voice - something which we already knew from their last three albums. Nothing has changed. Editors have a brand new album in stores now. This song is "Honesty."

Throwback goodness. Jay Arner debuted "Surf Don't Sink" on My Old Kentucky Blog recently and on just one vieweing I knew we needed to share this one. Director Jessica Delisle and cinematographers Alli MacKay and Duncan McHugh created a lush backdrop of 80s-ness here. It's been done - but Arner's hypnotic musical backdrop is what makes this one especially winning. Chicken Dinner!

One of my favorite music videos of the month isn't a music video at all.. Meet Dan Deacon. Many of you know him, but not many know him like this. If this piece is serving as a primer, that's even better. Thanks Noisey.

That bring us to Outlaw Roadshow standout Tyler Stenson - one of the performers who joined us on stage in Austin, TX this year for our big grand finale. Stenson's  gifted - something you are about to find out.. The music video, which is self-shot and edited, features real fans holding up something they've left behind. "Ramblin' Kind" is the first track on his newest record "Lovely Little Victory" EP (2013). Download the full EP for free at: http://bit.ly/19SrFt4


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