LOVE is the name of the new video. It's a fan favorite in the live setting, a number that STAR & MICEY generally save until near the end of their set - when they generally have the audience eating out of the palm of their hands. Love is about surrender and wanting to be close - and that's what happens here with two pieces of fruit...

LOVE is a song off from the Memphis band's powerhouse "I Can't Wait" EP (Highly Recommended). That record was produced by Dennis Herring (Elvis Costello, Modest Mouse, Wavves, Ben Folds). These songs capture the four-piece's incredible, fan-favorite live performances. (For those who haven't yet seen the band perform live, the stage is really a cross between a raucous live jam and a hand-clapping gospel church!) Featuring a blend of acoustic and electric guitars, banjos, bass, and drums, all four members of Star & Micey sing and contribute layer after layer of harmonies to augment their original blend of songwriting.

DID YOU KNOW? In the video, the words "Get Your Face Slapped by Star & Micey" appears on the the refrigerator. That's a reference to this music video.

This music video is dedicated to those we love.
Find someone to dedicate it to in your life - and do it today!

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Much beloved in Austin: Star & Micey at The Outlaw Roadshow in March


Anonymous said…
hmmm this is tasty!!!

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