Natural Disaster by Roem Baur

by Chris Fullerton

Chris Fullerton is a Music and Film writer.
He lives in Austin, Texas.


NEW THIS WEEK - “From the very beginning, this was a haunting muse for me,” San Francisco-based singer/songwriter ROEM BAUR explains about his new single. “I could see this woman’s eyes before I ever had a song. In writing it, I wanted to capture something wild and uncontrollable with a helpless feeling of love-lust for this creature.” The song opens with a pulsing rhythm, primal like a heartbeat, before exploding into a chorus proclaiming the self-destructive force of nature that is this woman, meant to represent all those things we want but know we not only don’t need, but will eventually tear us down.

“She comes, she comes around like a hurricane
She blows, she blows like a twister in the hard rain
She burns, she burns like wildfire white flame
I’m caught in the path
Of a natural disaster”

Musically, the song blends elements of pop, 60s R&B and straight-forward rock & roll, layering horns and B3 with hand claps and soulful backing vocals to create an infectious groove. This all serves as the perfect backdrop for Baur’s vocals, which range from a sensual growl to an all-out belting of the chorus, the last proud boast of a trapped animal.

“In the recording studio, we never set out to make such a big record. It just happened when we started fleshing ‘her’ out. Like this storm brewing in the distance.” Baur says.

Rather than sum up the track with some clever line about women and weather, let’s just say this track is fun and robust, and should be a part of any summer playlist.

Roem Baur at the huge Outlaw Roadshow in Austin this March


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