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For somebody that anticipates and prognosticates a great deal, I still get surprised a lot. And in this case, certainly, that's very good news for both of us. MATT SUCICH (pron: Sue-Sitch) made his debut on the world stage at Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in Manchester, TN, receiving high praise and pleasant comparisons from Andy Langer (Esquire Magazine) on his “Best Other Bands Of Bonnaroo” list - “Because this Queens singer-songwriter is trying to break your heart. What appear at first glance to be simple love songs quickly reveal a Wilco- and Iron & Wine-like depth (and desperation).” There were appearances in NY for CMJ and in Austin for SxSW.

2012 was a banner year but it got much better in November, as Sucich released his 2nd full-length album, Layers, to a capacity crowd at NYC’s Rockwood Music Hall.

Then came The Outlaw Roadshow. We selected Matt to play for our audiences and he never looked back, delivering a masterful set for our crowd (15K were served over two days!). It was so good that during the grand finale of our second show, Matt who was attending this one as a fan - was spotted by us in the crowd and called back on stage to close the two day event with Adam Duritz, Filligar and others.. It was a magic moment!

The impacts of the last two years are just starting to ring true. New opportunities are unfolding and with good reason. Matt Sucich is one of the best voices emerging on the east coast today. "My Only Problem With You" is a song Matt wrote and recorded during the Layers sessions that is only just emerging now. Just like the man himself, the time invested is well rewarded.

buy it on vinyl / lyrics - both are below:

Sucich played big at the Outlaw Roadshow in Austin this March

My Only Problem With You
Before this nightmare I used to dream,
and before this mess I used to feel clean,
and before this dance I was a dancing machine,
and before this wreck I was a '57 Chevy.

Before this text I was an easy read,
and before they laid the concrete I was a trampoline,
and before this broken glass I was a glass of gasoline,
and before this cloud I was the fire underneath...

So how come my only problem with you is your problem with me?
And boy, you sure know how to let a good thing go.

Now my heart's beating out of my chest, but it's probably just the caffeine
and my legs are shaking, but that's probably just the breeze.

Before this test I learned a few things,
and before this curtain, honey, I stole the scene,
and before this bow I stood as straight as a tree,
and before I let go I could not let go of anything...

So how come my only problem with you is your problem with me?
And boy, you sure know how to let a good thing go.

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