FOLKS - We're All Dead

“‘We're All Dead’ is inspired by J G Ballard’s short story 'The Life and Death of God' and is an atypical Folks song is many ways. It's more heartfelt and timeless. We started to perform the song on our recent tour with Band of Skulls and it became a band favourite. It is a great counterpoint to our other songs.

We’re not the first band to be inspired by J G Ballard - Joy Division, Klaxons, even Madonna have referenced his dystopian vision. We're living in the Ballardian nightmare and there's so much doom and gloom around. This song is our perspective of a hopeful and optimistic future.”
In addition to playing sold out dates with Band of Skulls, Folks also toured with Miles Kane, Noel Gallagher & We Are Augustines.

Folks are Scott Anderson (vocals), Michael Beasley (guitar), Thom Fripp (guitar), Harry Gumery (bass), Wil Ackroyd (keys) and Elliot Barlow (drums).


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