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It's very hard to find talent that both stimulates the mind and chills your bones... That's what NATHAN REICH does. The talented singer-songwriter has been stirring the creative pot the last year, producing a fan-sourced debut album called All Night Pharmacy. He toured the country with wunderkind Foreign Fields (this is what a cloud sounds like when you ring it out or the sun sounds like when it reflects off the glassy surface of water). Reich has followed his own muse. His songs are sad but absolutely gorgeous. And having watched him play in venues and at kitchen tables - it would be both unkind and untrue to dismiss his performances as anything other quietly transformative and inspired...

I encourage our Boston audiences to go see Nathan Reich for themselves. The new live video for "Chicago" was shot by Nashville filmmakers Crackerfarm.

Reich just played a string of East Coast dates but will return to Boston on May 22nd playing the all-ages Cafe 939. Advanced tickets are available.

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