ZAZOO made a big splash at SXSW

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A winning Chrome & Firefox browser plugin - As the dust of SXSW finally settles it becomes considerably easier to determine the big winners to emerge from Austin, TX.

During the 7 day period of SXSW Music, ZAZOO was the most downloaded extension in the Chrome store. And the company saw 43,000 downloads of the plugin over a 4 week period. Big-time impressions were made at The Outlaw Roadshow and at the Brooklyn Vegan party. Everybody, it seemed, that we ran into in Austin had heard of Zazoo and a great many had already just begun using it. But what is it?

They're #1 but what is it?

Adam DuritzFilligarMatt Sucich and Tyler Stenson 
at The Outlaw Roadshow 2013 presented by Zazoo

Zazoo is a free add-on for the Chrome and Firefox web browsers. It works with the videos you are already enjoying. Download the plugin, visit the video page and you're off! This new web application provides users with a live and engaging viewing experience in YouTube, Facebook and beyond. With Zazoo you can access artist information and insights, sing & play along your favorite tunes, get lyrics and chords, go backstage and discover everything your favorite artists want to share about themselves, the track, upcoming tours, exclusive tickets, backstage passes, swag, etc.

For fans: this means you get a full, more rounded video experience that gives you information about the artist you are watching... drawing you closer to the experience. For musicians and industry: it means you can offer additional opportunities to viewers to interact with your music, sell tickets and t-shirts, share your lyrics, essentially getting far more from your videos.


Filligar played a raucous set on March 16 (full lineup)

Roem Baur played as if he was on fire on March 9 (full lineup)

Little Brave 

Steven Roth

Our Review: B+ for current execution and an A+ for a huge upside potential as Zazoo gets better. It's dead simple to install and intuitive to use. The version available free now is actively being developed to improve the experience.

As a publisher, a promoter and a friend to artists, I see this as a valuable tool for bands to translate those coveted video views into fan support. As a user, watching videos, the sky is the limit. I will be very, very exciting to watch this one go!


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