Music for the Ages!
This Saturday!

5/4 at Cafe 939
All Ages - 7:30pm

Click for larger version - this baby's amazing! A Frank Germano /Man on Fire design original.

Springing from the creative mind of music blogger Ryan Spaulding and brought to life on the stage of the Red Room at Cafe 939... This very special evening of music this Saturday offers Boston audiences three talented acts on the rise. Two weeks removed from the Marathon bombing that shocked our city, shuttering Boylston Street for a week, this night is intended to bring great music and audiences back to Boylston! Let's celebrate Spring! Come down and be entertained by the best live offerings available this Saturday night. Let's let music rule!

STEVEN ROTH - With a sound that dances on the fine line between popular music and rock, he's got both the musical chops and the feel-good aspect to bring a glowing pop sound to our stage in Boston. He recently supported The Who when they played in Los Angeles. It was a good pairing, as Roth's rock has a cool 1960's feel without it being rote or forced. Call it a glow, but coupled with the sound of a wild live set up on stage... All I can say is that Steven Roth is a winner. Roth was selected by Adam Duritz and yours truly to open The Outlaw Roadshow in Austin this March. He left having made hundreds of new fans... This is definitely someone you're not going to want to miss. His first ever show at Cafe 939!

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LILY & THE PARLOUR TRICKS - Prepare to be blown away by these dark, sultry songs! Described, tongue-in-cheek, as a band that performs murder ballads, one thing is certain: Lily & The Parlour Tricks can put on one hell of a show! Lily & The Parlour Tricks dive deep into the well of musical Americana and resurface with a wild stylistic brew. Lily’s songwriting influences range from The Andrews Sisters to Nine Inch Nails to 19th century murder songs, with roots planted firmly in the smoky back room of early rock n’ roll. "Combining dissonant guitar riffs with angelic vocal harmonies, Lily & The Parlour Tricks are the perfect combo of pretty and gritty... the band has a mysterious depth that holds audiences transfixed through their salty and sweet set." (The Wild Magazine, 2012). Their long-awaited return to the Red Room at Cafe 939. Be here with us!

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THE OKAY WIN - These locals have quietly become on of the region's most predictably good shows. With frenetic creative energy and with the ability to show great restraint - this is a Band You Need to Know for Boston. The band were recently invited to take part in this year's annual Rock 'n' Roll Rumble - an honor and tradition for New England bands going back three decades. The Okay Win's latest effort,  the EP "Leveled" is easily their greatest work to date (so much promise here!) offering fans a closer listen to a band making waves in 2013. This is their first ever RSL show.

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This Saturday Night, 
Boston returns to Boylston! 


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