SONS OF FATHERS - Roots and Vine

Get Ahead of The Curve.

STORYTELLING - A little less than two years ago now, I caught wind of a really exceptional alt-country folk act out of Austin. This genre is being produced reliably and with some merit in communities around the country, but there was something special about the music of Paul Cauthen and David Beck.

And so I wrote about this amazing new sound. And less than a month of the heels of that record, Beck and Cauthen were delivered a C + D letter from the attorneys representing a certain performer who also bears David Beck's last name... The band opted out of the fray - renaming themselves after one of their own songs, "Sons of Fathers."

David Beck and Paul Cauthen of Sons Of Fathers

A NEW ALBUM - Playing the name game has done nothing to impact the stellar songwriting and upbeat playing of the band. Sharing this new music video as a re-introduction and to promote the band's new record, Burning Days - which I'm pretty damn sure you're going to love!

Who knows, maybe you'll see these guys at an upcoming Outlaw Roadshow?!

Sons of Fathers
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