Six Year Old plays Hot For Teacher

This 6 Year Old is Better than You. 

On Friday, little Avery Molek (or Avery Drummer as he is known on the internet) appeared on Good Morning America and immediately become a global obsession. The program, watched daily by millions of people world wide, helped blow up the drumming prodigy's already popular YouTube page. This kid is already an amazing drummer and just six years old...

THE BEGINNING OF AN AMAZING STORY - Other than dad playing a little guitar, Avery’s parents have no musical background. What they do have is a lifelong love of Rock ‘n’ Roll. So from the minute he came into the world, Avery was always surrounded by great music, and he would be found singing along from his car seat. At two-years-old, Santa brought Avery one toy guitar and one tiny drum set. From that point on a rock star emerged. The stunned faces in the audience after his day-care talent show at age 3 really got Avery's parents into gear. Avery began professional instruction at 4. Avery’s parents began videoing Avery drumming because they found he would become more focused on this playing and actually finish a song when he knew the camera was rolling. The results are available for you to see on the boy's YouTube page.

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