Richie Havens 1941 - 2013

I didn't know Richie Havens, but I certainly understood his music. Born years after his eternal performance on the stages of Woodstock in 1969, until this moment I have never known a world that Richie didn't already occupy with vibrant song. His rhythmic guitar, his percussive playing and bellowing voice asking for "Freedom" will continue to be one of mankind's finest recorded performances..

As a child watching that set for the first time some years later, I recall thinking that Richie Havens owned the entire world. You couldn't help but feel that way - watching him deliver the music from his heart to all of those souls at Woodstock that day... And to think how many more have seen it and heard it ever since..

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photos of Richie Havens at Newport Folk 2010 by 5342 Studios


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