Camper Van Beethoven

New Dates with Cracker
& a Return to Europe!

LOOKING AHEAD - It's pretty clear that after three decades of creativity, Camper Van Beethoven is far more than a David Lowery side project. While Cracker has toed the line with ironic alt-country and rock-infused Americana - CVB has long sat at the Alternative Rock table... nibbling at greatness all the while. I applaud Lowery and the band for maintaining that separate aesthetic. There have been a number of shared Cracker/CVB tours the last few years, but the release of new material (Lowery's masterful Palace Guards in 2011 was his first solo effort), and CVB's latest: La Costa Perdida, have refocused Lowery and clearly added fuel to Camper's fire. The upcoming dates for Camper in Europe are incredibly their first there in 8 years. CVB just released a new video for the single "Someday Our Love Will Sell Us Out" - a dark tale of a metaphorically crumbling world. The video is far far less dramatic...

May 04 Beale Street Music Festival, Memphis TN (Cracker only)
May 9 The Firebird, St. Louis MO (Camper Van Beethoven only)
May 10 The Cubby Bear, Chicago IL
May 11 Majestic Theatre, Madison WI
May 12 The Intersection, Grand Rapids MI
May 16 State Theatre, Falls Church VA
May 17 Earthfest Pre-Party, Hard Rock Cafe, Boston, MA (Cracker only)
May 18 Earthfest, Hatch Memorial Shell, Boston, MA
May 26 Mishawaka Amphitheatre, Bellvue CO (Cracker only)
May 24 Barkley Ballroom, Frisco CO (Cracker only)
Jun 14 The Bluebird Theatre, Denver CO
Jun 15 Whittle The Woods, Craig CO (Cracker only)
Jun 21 The Windjammer, Isle Of Palms SC (Cracker only)
Jun 22 Athfest, Athens GA (Cracker only)
Jul 19 Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, Santa Cruz CA
Sep 12 Campout 9 at Pappy & Harriet's - Pioneertown CA
[more dates to be announced]

May 29 Dingwalls - London England
May 30 The Haunt - Brighton England
May 31 Deaf Institute - Manchester England
Jun 01King Tut's Wah Wah Hut - Glasgow, Scotland
Jun 02 Musikbunker- Aachen Germany
Jun 03 Brotfabrik - Frankfurt Germany
Jun 05 Chelsea - Vienna Austria
Jun 06 Feierwerk - Munich Germany
Jun 07 The Palace - St Gallen Switzerland
Jun 08 Museumskeller - Erfurt Germany
Jun 09 Privatclub - Berlin Germany
Jun 10 Nachtasyl - Hamburg Germany

Jonathan Segel, David Lowery, Greg Lisher, Frank Funaro, Victor Krummenacher
Jason Thrasher photo

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