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Agganis Arena 03/27/13
Boston, MA

LAST NIGHT - As the sun set over the Boston skyline, the crowd queued outside the Agganis Arena were abuzz with anticipation of the show that was to unfold.. Icelandic band Sigur Ros were finally back in town after five long years. The ambient music of opener Tim Hecker could have been mistaken for PA music as the stage was shielded by curtains on three sides. Hecker never was to be seen and the dark venue only added to the mystery as audience filed to their seats.

At 8:30 with the curtains still up, dark silhouettes appeared on the stage. The band played Yfirborð and Ný Batteri shielded by the curtain. It added to the build up that would continue for the duration of the 16 song 100 minute set. The band, now a trio, was accompanied by a touring guitar player and percussionist that seemed to work to various instruments on the stage. A horn and string section added even more to their already massive sound.

photo by Tynie Pixels

A stunning light show with gorgeous images (sparks falling to wind blowing the grass) continued to set the mood. Audience members, myself included stuggled with opening my eyes to see it all, or closing them and really be taken to that next level. The audience was respectful, hesitant to erupt from their seats, or even offer an ill timed “woooo” not wanting to disturb the mood. As the main set drew to a close fans were slowly starting to stand.

The always perfect Popplagið closed out the show. The long and swirling vocals grow and grow over the thunderous drums. By the final chord, those that were sitting were on their feet, and those on their feet were three feet off the ground. Always sad to see them take their bow at the end as I know its over, but it is still one of my favorite moments. One of the most unique and stunning live bands out there today did it again, and never dissapoint.

Setlist 3/26/13 Boston:
1. Yfirborð
2. Ný Batterí
3. Vaka
4. Hrafntinna
5. Sæglópur
6. Fljótavík
7. E-bow
8. Varúð
9. Hoppípolla
10. Með Blóðnasir
11. Olsen Olsen
12. Kveikur
13. Festival
14. Brennisteinn
15. Glósóli
16. Popplagið

New Album in June.

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Chuckdubdubdub said…
Loved it. Great show. My only suggestions: 1) Start closer to "on time" and 2) Talk to the audience more.

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