K Phillips & The Concho Pearls join The Outlaw Roadshow

Confirmed to Play!
The Outlaw Roadshow 2013
Austin, TX

This Artist will play
Saturday, March 9

K. Phillips at The Outlaw Roadshow New York. He's back with us in Austin.

“This is a song about college whores and small-time drug dealers. I know because I was both,” K Phillips says just before launching into “Not My Baby Anymore.” 

INTRODUCTIONS - There’s a decent crowd on a Tuesday night and they all get a chuckle from the singer’s wry humor before the laughter turns into a compulsive, rhythmic head-nodding. The band assembled for the night’s performance is an all-star up-and-coming Austin lineup, including guitarist/vocalist Daniel Thomas Phipps and lead guitarist Jeremy Menking from The Kinfolk, drummer Dusty Saxton, in his first appearance with the Concho Pearls, and Stephanie Briggs, from Little Brave, on bass and vocals. The group performs the songs with a soulful swagger that’s difficult not to appreciate, and exemplify the connection between musicianship and mutual respect... [more, opens in a new window]

GET BITTEN - There are only two artists (Heartless Bastards and Hacienda) I have listened to more than K. Phillips & The Concho Pearls during the last six months. And it's easy to get bitten by the bug when you see this band perform live. Phillips is a vaudevillian madman, the quintessential front-man, a storytelling poet, and his own worse enemy - at least the way he tells it.. The new record 'American Girls' rings as career level work, but after watching the Concho Pearls unload on audiences in one afternoon in New York - I couldn't be more positive that this is the tip of the iceberg.

Does It Hold Water  live at The Outlaw Roadshow NY by BigOldBigOne

UNDERGROUND SOUND - K Phillips & The Concho Pearls are perhaps the most underrated band in America today. We believe in them - and you should too. Here's your chance to see them for free! The Concho Pearls will play a prominent set this year at the Outlaw Roadshow late on the evening of Saturday, March 9 - just a few days away. We couldn't be happier to have them with us.


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