Tyler Stenson added to The Outlaw Roadshow

Confirmed to Play!
The Outlaw Roadshow 2013
Austin, TX

This Artist will play
Saturday, March 9


THE FRESHEST NEW SOUNDS - There's something classic about Oregon songwriter TYLER STENSON... His persona is cut from the same cloth of this country's musical pioneer but his sound clearly has modern influences, making his sound all his own. With the delivery of lyrics that leap from the page, Stenson's an artist who's instantly arresting. Everything I heard was worth repeat listening. Stenson was selected by Adam Duritz (Counting Crows) and Ryan Spaulding (rslblog.com and television's The Bubbler) out of a sea of thousands of bands wanting to play this year's Outlaw Roadshow. Listen to this music! Clearly, Stenson belongs with us.

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This year's Outlaw Roadshow will actually take place twice in Austin this March! (On Saturday, March 9 and again on Saturday, march 16.) These events are a labor of love intended to provide a FREE and FRIENDLY place for fans seeking the best emerging live acts in America. Stenson's set at The Outlaw Roadshow is sponsored by Outlaw Roadshow presenting sponsor ZAZOO.

With the Producer's selection of Stenson, he's won a $1,000 stipend intended to help cover costs associated with the journey to Austin!

ABOUT ZAZOO - They guys have introduced a revolutionary new web application that embeds an artist's unique ‘Mini App’ onto each music video, wherever it is watched. Zazoo provides fans with a live, engaging viewing experience – sing along, play along, access lyrics, peak backstage, get special offers and interact with artists who can now reach the broadest audience possible and gain an edge in a fiercely competitive market. GET THE APP NOW FOR FREE!

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Glenn Scott Lacey said…
Congratulations Tyler!!! They made a great choice,
your music is beautiful, timeless and heartfelt.
Long live the storyteller.

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