Steven Roth joins The Outlaw Roadshow

Confirmed to Play!
The Outlaw Roadshow 2013
Austin, TX

This Artist will play
Saturday, March 16


BRIGHT NEW MUSIC - There's something to be said about pop music done right. For year's we've endured the endless procession of what Top 40 Radio said was right. When the machine broke down, all of us were charged with a personal responsibility to find new music organically - to seek out new worlds... Our first artist named to the 3/16 Outlaw Roadshow is proof positive that cream does, indeed, rise to the top. Meet STEVEN ROTH... With a sound that dances on the fine line between popular music and rock, he's got both the musical chops and the feel-good aspect to bring a glowing pop sound to our stage in Austin. He recently supported The Who when they played in Los Angeles. It was a good pairing, as Roth's rock has a cool 1960's feel without it being rote or forced. Call it a glow, but coupled with the sound of a wild live set up on stage... All I can say is that Steven Roth is a winner. Welcome to the Roadshow Steven, we'll see you in Texas!

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This year's Outlaw Roadshow will actually take place twice in Austin this March! (On Saturday, March 9 and again on Saturday, march 16.) These events are a labor of love intended to provide a FREE and FRIENDLY place for fans seeking the best emerging live acts in America. Steven Roth's set at The Outlaw Roadshow is sponsored by Outlaw Roadshow presenting sponsor ZAZOO.

With the Producer's selection of Roth, he's won a $1,000 stipend intended to help cover costs associated with the journey to Austin!

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