ROEM BAUR is added to The Outlaw Roadshow!

Confirmed to Play!
The Outlaw Roadshow 2013
Austin, TX

This Artist will play
Saturday, March 9

Roem Baur - Paper Man (Full Band)
Christopher M Howard photo

This is ROEM BAUR from San Francisco. I met this guy - one of those rare cases in which a music writer meets a talented musician - and we became friendly before I ever heard his music. As it turns out, Roem's glowing personality and ability to handle himself in almost any situation pretty closely mirror his playing ability and his grace on stage. I recall hearing him play for the first time and was astounded (and pleasantly surprised) that hidden jewels like this are still out there to be discovered.

Roem is a singer with a ridiculous vocal range (this is increasingly rare in the music world celebrated by today's media machine) and a troubadour's soul. He's used these qualities and his constant touring to develop a solid following in a number of American cities. At each stop along the way, he's continued to explore and grow. In 2011, Baur locked himself in a 100 year-old church sanctuary to record his first album. And after nine nights with only a grand piano, a pawn-shop guitar and a string quartet, he emerged with "The Thief EP."

Roem's restless artistic soul and his pursuit of excellence have lead him to form a backing band. The new 'Roem Baur' leads a rock, funk and soul band capable of blowing the doors off a room full of people. He is currently recording his first full band effort with his Tuba/Trombone powered indie-soul band and Grammy nominated producer, Damien Lewis. We are delighted to have Roem Baur with us this year at this year's Outlaw Roadshow. This is the first time with us. He tells me that he'll be bringing the heat!

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