Here Comes the SUUNS

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NEW MUSIC VIDEO - One of my all-time favorite bands from Quebec, SUUNS have earned their following. There's something about the band's music, the tone and pacing that transcends music and becomes primary and biological. This is the beat of your heart, the moving of your soul. SUUNS are Ben Shemia (vocals/guitar), Joe Yarmush (guitar/bass), Liam O'Neill (drums) and Max Henry (bass/keyboards).

The new video 2020 is teasing the upcoming global release for "Images Du Futur" (on Secretly Canadian) - the band's first record in 3 years. If this is any indication, and I do believe it is, this could be one of the better records of 2013. Below, we have fresh audio: Edie's Dream, also off the new record. March 5th. Mark that date!


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