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BABY BABY - This Atlanta four-piece are one of my very favorite live acts in America. Words that spring to mind: Manic, Playful, Explosive, Dynamic and Fun... Yes, amazing amounts of undying fun. Baby Baby have carved a place for themselves in the night scene of Atlanta where Hip Hop and Rap are the primary sounds emerging. They have embraced the geeks, the losers, the fiends and those who love to rage and made them friends. We first saw the band play at SxSW two years ago and I've been an ardent supporter ever since, even hosting the band for a free show for new fans. The legend continues here today with KEEP ON DANCING - a new music video by Director Terence RUSHin and the team at Chasing Squirrelz (previous credits notably include the incredible Haters and Kidz music videos).

The band has dedicated the song (which you can download for 99 cents) and the video to Martin Luther King Jr. In a way, by keeping people dancing, Baby Baby are helping keep the dream alive.


Baby Baby
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