The Outlaw Roadshow Austin expands to Two Days!

Austin, TX


THE OUTLAW ROADSHOW produced and presented by Ryan Spaulding (blogger behind and Producer and Host of The Bubbler on myTV38 in New England) and Adam Duritz (of Counting Crows and Producer of the new comedy Freeloaders) will return to Austin, TX this March for 2 SHOWS... Sat, March 9th and Sat, March 16th in Downtown Austin at Rusty's - the best live music venue in the city.

THE OUTLAW ROADSHOW is a thrill ride for the music fan: 3 stages featuring bright emerging bands who deserve some time in your headphones in 2013. It's so great we're doing it 2X this year allowing Ryan and Adam to handpick 30+ bands to present to our music-loving audience.

As with prior years, these sessions will be FREE TO ATTEND. (Limited to legal capacity. Festival badges will not be required to enter.) We ask only that attendees show their support for the amazing bands that play our show - if you love the bands, buy their music and seek out their shows.

OPEN SUBMISSION PROCESS! For the first time ever the Outlaw is opening our doors to ALL BANDS to submit. There is no fee. Our selection process is limited to our spots, but this is a great way to be heard and be considered for both this show and for future opportunities! (Include a few words introducing yourself, a bio and a link to music and videos. If you wish to submit to both weeks, please submit each request separately.)


MEET ZAZOO - The Outlaw 2013 is presented by ZAZOO. Zazoo has introduced a revolutionary new web application that embeds an artist's unique ‘Mini App’ onto each music video, wherever it is watched. Zazoo provides fans with a live, engaging viewing experience – sing along, play along, access lyrics, peak backstage, get special offers and interact with artists who can now reach the broadest audience possible and gain an edge in a fiercely competitive market.

Zazoo is going to be a big part of our success this year. And we're happy to report they will be running an independent band submission process in addition to our own (their's is also free). All the bands who submit through Zazoo get to use/play with their software to enhance their videos. This is pretty amazing stuff - we all know about the importance of video and this is all about enhancing the fan experience and drawing in more active supporters for the artist. 2 winners from the Zazoo process will be selected to play The Outlaw Roadshow (one on March 9 and another on March 16) each receiving an extra $1,000 to boot!

play MARCH 9      play MARCH 16


Very privileged and pleased to relay our custom artwork for both showcases will come from the creative mind and skilled hand of Frank Germano of Man on Fire. He's got the goods.

The Outlaw Roadshow provides opportunities where they are few and provides a level of quality that we've come to be known for. Last year's showcase was attended by thousands and this year we expect the same. Our foremost concern is that everyone is enriched by this process. That means the bands, the fans, the venue, the sound people - in the hope that we'll be able to do this for years to come. The Outlaw Roadshow is all about music and you.

RSVP opens in 14 days / WEB / FACEBOOK  


Unknown said…
Once again, Ryan and Adam put the music first!
Outstanding opportunity for everyone to enjoy new artist.
Thanks Guys.

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