Sam Anderson "Pond" (featuring Tara Kelly Kearns)

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NEW MUSIC - I have no idea whether or not what I'm about to share was ever meant for a large audience. But my friend Sam Anderson, of Hey Marseilles, has a public soundcloud with this song on it and anyone can click in and listen and share.

"POND" is effing amazing, so I'm sharing!

ABOUT THE ARTIST - Large portions of the American Northwest now know Hey Marseilles - a band we have been following, booking and hanging around with for years now. Last year they toured with Sea Wolf. They've played a couple of Outlaw Roadshows and they have a new album out in March that will certainly be worth your time. But this piece isn't so much about H.M., it's about their ridiculously talented cello player, Sam Anderson, who was just an amiable but gifted kid musician when I first met him.

Sam is real bright and now, he's an other-worldly string player with years of professional touring under his belt. He appears on many, many contemporary Seattle records subbing in where he's needed. He plays classically. He tutors. And evidently he's been making new material of his own (when he has the time, right?) Definitely One to Watch.

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