The first annual Holiday Hangout

Photographic Evidence 
by Melissa Brawner

The White Water Tavern 

Little Rock, AR
Dec 2012

ABOVE: Shane Sweeney and Micah Schnabel from Two Cow Garage

FROM BEHIND THE LENS - I was privileged to attend the first annual Holiday Hangout, a live collection (a veritable who's who) of new and established Americana bands from mostly the South and Midwest - brought together by Travis Hill, owner of Last Chance Records. The 3 day event was held at the legendary White Water Tavern in Little Rock, AR December 7-9th. The memories of these nights will last far longer than the season...

ABOVE and BELOW - Cory Branan and Lucero's Ben Nichols topped Sunday's bill taking turns singing and accompanying each other on guitar and vocals. The White Water Tavern is a favorite of Nichols when he's back in Little Rock on a break from touring with Lucero, and he seemed to be right at home at the Tavern, hanging out with good friends.

Joshua of Velvet Kente

Kevin Kerby, solo artist - formerly of Mulehead

An All-Band Jam: Dylan's "My Back Pages"

Indiana songwriter, Austin Lucas performs with Glossary's Kelly Kneiser.

The First Annual Holiday Hangout 
photos by Melissa Brawner



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