The Bubbler celebrates Christmas (well, sort of)

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WHY YOU NEED TO WATCH  - This Week on The Bubbler, music blogger Ryan Spaulding once again takes aim at Boston's dynamic and completely unique music scene...

This Sunday, Dec 23rd, 2012 at 11pm:  We celebrate the holidays by giving you an extra long show (you probably won't even notice, but it's bonus - so, what they hey?!) This one features: 

+ A Night on the Town with The Hush Now
Trouble ensues. Gonzo Journalism. Good times and oh yeah.. Merry Christmas!

+ We do our very best to catch up with Dave Munro, Casey Sullivan and the rest of Boston's Air Traffic Controller - it's not easy easy as we make it sound. Seriously, those guys are fast.  

airs this Sunday Night at 11pm on myTV38 in much of New England!

- Watch it big and in HD -

+ Perhaps one of the most reliably great rock bands in New England get celebrated on the show. Of course, I'm talking about The Wandas - a band of heathens, liars and thieves (and they're my friends, think about what we might say about strangers!)

+ Get to know local guitar legend Tony Savarino, you probably know him from one of the dozens of successful bands he's played with over the years. Tony's a total technician - a man who's rocked a million faces and a thousand stages.

+ And we pay a visit to Charlestown's Indie Ambassador, a musically inclined start-up/tech company that puts on live shows, records music, producing videos and introducing new technologies. This kind of amazing-ness is happening and it's going on right here!

The Bubbler is co-produced by Host Ryan Spaulding and Director Jonathan Case.
There is nothing else like it.

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