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ONE TO WATCH - There's a moment, a floating, shiny moment lodged somewhere within each Ghosts of Jupiter jam where everything seems ... alright. A moment of peace that is quickly erased by an explosion of guitar.

After a huge 2012, one has to believe that this is the type of band who might do it just as well - or even bigger in 2013.

WHO THEY ARE:  Nate Wilson (Lead Vocals/Keyboards), Thomas Arey (Drums), Johnny Trama (Guitar), Adam Terrell (Guitar/Vocals) and Tom Lada (Bass/Vocals) have earned their role as Boston's  best craftsmen of the jam.

So much has been made of this band's ability to transport audiences they were rewarded the role as soundtrack band for a serious of absurdly tripped out animations [recommend you check this out - editor] displayed at the Hayden Planetarium this year, blowing the minds of audiences. ("Whoooooooa" was heard repeatedly from the piney last row.)

ABOUT THE NEW VIDEO - The guys in the band have a brand new video offering. The video for "Ghosts of Jupiter" was brought to life by Director Viki Davis at Queens Trust Video

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