BLACK BOOKS - Like You Best / Shipwrecked

Vinyl Release of Note:
A limited New 7-inch

I will always find a way to write about bands a second or a third time when they do great things, it just doesn't normally come so close on the heels of a previous post. Austin's BLACK BOOKS were the subject of a Nov 24 post here on RSL. When I heard the band were releasing a limited press vinyl A/B side 7", I was anxious to listen. What you are about to hear is the new music - so good that I decided to share. RSL readers, get in on this vinyl- have it shipped to your home now.

DETAILS ON THE RELEASE - Coke bottle clear 7" vinyl 45 rpm. Hand numbered. Immediate digi download. Delivery by 12/25/12 not 100% confirmed, but we'll update when we find out. (Only available in North America.)

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