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A Music Blogger Heads to TV

Some of you know because you follow our twitter feed and many of you are personal friends but for many of you reading this out there - this is the very first notice. Since August 2011 I have been working on nights and weekends on filming a music television program with WSBK TV38 in Boston. (Much of this time was spent post-editing, as we tried to find ways to bring the show on-air.)

The name of the show is "The Bubbler" and our first eight episodes of the show are devoted to sharing the artists, the venues, the creators and the culture of the Boston Music Scene. As far as I am aware, we're the only ones doing this (regional television offering the a music blogger the chance to share a curated experience) both here in New England or anywhere else. It's all been very exciting and only going to get more so...

WHAT'S COOL - The show offers segments with people around the Boston and Cambridge scenes. We capture the behind closed doors and get great interviews with people you need to know about. As a music lover (first and foremost) and a devotee to Boston and all the people that make our scene go, this is so exciting!

For those reading this outside New England, my plan is to find a way to keep this going and bring the show out of market. I can use all your help. Please talk up the show and share with a friend. If you know a company that would be a great sponsor, please bring our show to their attention. And most importantly - watch the shows. It's good stuff.

MORE COOL STUFF - We have a bunch of great color segments - stuff you won't see on any other show anywhere. We have a Boston music soundtrack and if you spend any amount of time at shows you'll see a lot of people you know. Pacing and camera work are brilliant. I want to thank Director Jonathan Case, who also produces the series with me. He's a really talented dude with a creative mind and a great sense of humor. Regardless of what happens after the first 8 episodes air, I made a friend - and a very gifted one at that.

THANK YOU - I must thank Guitar Center for taking a chance in bringing our first episodes on air. I think you will be rewarded for your involvement. So people, if you need gear - that's who you need to see to get it done.

The Show Airs on WSBK 38 tonight (Sunday evenings) at 11pm. Check your local listings. If you see us, tune in. And please tell a friend about the show and the music you find.

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