Sara Bareilles at Life is good

Photos by Kira Doucette

Memories from Life is good 2012
Prowse Farm - Canton, MA

FESTIVAL COVERAGE - Any Sara Bareilles fan will tell you that one of their favorite things about the star isn't necessarily her music (while there's so much there to love) - most will tell you it's her self-effacing, funny and real personality that really won them over. By evoking stories of living in Los Angeles (" I'm a singer-songwriter, who lives in LA, who's from a small town, who never thought she'd live in LA, but she does... I have met the most amazing people here in LA and now I can't imagine leaving. Except.... I hate the traffic. I don't care what kind of car you drive... it sucks. End of story.") Bareilles has a way with words. And with people.

With the help of music fans, festival planners were able to raise $1,050,000 for The Playmakers – money that will fund programs that give teachers and child-life specials tools and resources to help kids over come the trauma of violence, poverty and illness.


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