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Music is a strange beast. Sometimes the way an artist envisions it sounding is precisely the way it comes to fruition, but rarely. And in those cases in which you play energetic drama pop with lots of electronic instrumentation, this means bands have to use extra imagination. You write the lyrics on sheets of notebook paper, you strum chords on an acoustic guitar, you hum base lines and await the opportunity to get the band together.

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This, of course, brings us to today's artist profile. Boston's Pretty & Nice have been making all kinds of quality pop and thrashy indie rock for some time now. And this week they ushered in a series of new songs from US YOU ALL WE, their new EP - which is even now getting played for audiences on tour.

This record is the result of many late nights spent on summer porches unplugged - and those sounds were lovingly transferred to microphone and synthesizer in studio... Certainly something you want to give a listen to (and seek out if you're on the tour route). Cascading like an electronic waterfall, launching like a rocket - this is certainly One To Watch in the year ahead.

11/08 - Blind Bob's - Dayton, OH
11/09 - 1112 S. Washington St. - Bloomington, IN
11/12 - Boca Fiesta - Gainesville, FL
11/13 - Venture Compound - St. Petersburg, FL
11/14 - Will's Pub - Orlando, FL
11/15 - 529 Bar - Atlanta, GA
11/16 - MotorCo - Durham, NC
11/17 - Eyeclopes Studios - Fredricksburg, VA
11/18 - DC9 - Washington, DC

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Pretty & Nice are so GOOD! Loving this EP :D

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