FREELOADERS - The First Trailer!

New Indie Film Trailer

FRESH CLIP - While it was wrapped, teased and shown once last year in Los Angeles, the first trailer for irreverent comedy Freeloaders was finally released inside the last 24 hours. The film, which was co-written by Dan Rosen and Dave Gibbs, of Gigolo Aunts and Low Stars, features Adam Duritz as a music performer whose house has been taken over by friends who will do ANYTHING to keep the place for themselves when they learn the home will be sold.

KIDDING ME? - As utterly implausible as the script may be, it's based in fact as we learned last year in this incredible interview with our friend Adam (congrats man) who just this week wrapped up another Counting Crows national tour with Tender Mercies and Boston's Mean Creek. Duritz, who makes cameo appearances throughout the film is also a producer on the movie.

I encourage you to check out the interview after watching the trailer, which features talented players from Broken Lizard and a soundtrack featuring NOTAR. Really, really cool. Congrats to everyone in involved for getting this green-lighted, filmed and sold!


Kevin Tobasco said…
I simply love this kind of stupid comedies. sure going to watch this bad-ass movie. thank you for this review.

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