Titus Andronicus "In a Big City"

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Rockers Titus Andronicus have labeled themselves a blue-collar, small town band that believes in Local Business; both the concept and the many independent institutions nationwide, and as they embark on their 40+ date US tour, the band has invited fans around the country to celebrate and support local businesses in their cities.

The New Album is "Local  Business" - Anchored by local music venues and record stores (key local businesses for any touring band) the band wants you to share with the band your favorite establishments - stores, restaurants, bars, and hidden gems in your hometown - so that they can visit and patronize the best independent businesses in America, and encourage their fans to do so, as well.

music video directed by Isaac Ravishankara

Visit the Local Business Forever page for a list of record stores along Titus' tour route giving away concert tickets and Local Business red vinyl test pressings. The band's promotion of twitter hashtag #localbusinessforever suggests they will be interacting with fans quite a bit on this tour. I think it's clever but more importantly, it works. Looking at a big year ahead for this band..


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